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The i-LUM project is funded by the Hamburg State Research Fund as part of the HamburgX projects. The objective of the project is the development of methodological, systemic and knowledge-based foundations for the elaboration and evaluation of the feasibility of innovative concepts and technologies for airborne urban mobility for the Hamburg Metropolitan Region in future scenarios (2040/2050).

In order to identify and simulate these effects and interdisciplinary influences, various analysis capabilities and modules are set up or extended in the HamburgX project i-LUM, which are then combined into an overall model. The analytical capabilities to be developed include the disciplines of basic legal, psychological and social research, demand forecasting, trajectory and ground infrastructure modelling, as well as flight guidance and capacity management. In order to reduce the communication effort required to clarify technical interfaces between these individual modules, a central data format is to be developed, among other things.


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Through an integrative approach to vehicle properties, the on-board and ground-based management and information systems, the operating infrastructures, as well as demand and business models, a scientific overall system excellence is to be established in a network.

In order to build an overall understanding of the complex, not yet existing urban air transport system, collaborative approaches are required that combine the knowledge of specialists and system integrators and map the relevant physical and social effects of airborne urban mobility.

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